2020 04 03

Smooth Move

SmoothMove is our complimentary, fully-inclusive removals package. 

Renaissance Retirement will arrange the packing up of your possessions, the removal of your items and furnishings with our chosen removal company, and the delivery, unpacking, and placement of all your possessions in your new apartment. 

At Renaissance Retirement, we understand how daunting a move can seem – a lifetime of treasures, family possessions, all those photos and files, pots and pans – not to mention all the things being stored in the garage, loft and garden shed.

Our unique, personalised national moving service will be there to assist you through the move to an easier lifestyle in one of our luxury apartments.

After you reserve your apartment, one of our SmoothMove team will contact you to arrange a convenient time to meet at your home and discuss what help they can provide in making your move as stress-free as possible.

How Does The SmoothMove Service Work? 

Moving house can be stressful, so it’s the job of the SmoothMove team to remove some of that pressure and help owners enjoy a seamless transition into their new home. 

The service is included with the purchase of one of our brand new luxury apartments, and begins with a short visit to meet the owners, learn more about their move and what help they may need. 

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Is The Service Included In The Price Of The Property? 

Our complimentary service is available to everyone who purchases an apartment. It is unique and personalised.

We have years of experience and we work with owners to do as little or as much as is required – whatever will best assist them to make it a pleasurable and stress-free transition. 

What Our Service Includes 

  • Organising and planning your move whilst liaising with your sales consultant to ensure that your purchase is progressing in a timely fashion

  • Working together in preparing to downsize and declutter your current home

  • Helping you plan and organise where your furniture is to go in your new apartment, ensuring everything will fit before you move

  • Working with you to change addresses and utility providers, as well as booking, paying and arranging the removal company

  • Planning your travel arrangements, ensuring the Guest Suite is booked for you, and drawing up a list of your overnight requirements

  • Organising the transfer of TV, telephone and internet, taking meter readings and advising on essential information to be left to new owners

  • Unpacking and putting your belongings away, all to your requirements. Curtain rails fitted and curtains hung, bedside lights working, bed made, TV set up, clothes in wardrobes,
         kitchen utensils put away and even your grocery shopping arranged.